Are you paying too much for your business phone and broadband?

  • No Contract
  • No Download Limit
  • Speed of 1Gb


Easily change over your existing 049 number to us
No need for any phone line
€40 + vat per month (includes all call charges)


No Contracts

no contracts

The policy of larger service providers is to confuse you with complicated offers, and bundled prices. Mostly, their quotations are for special offers that run out after a couple of months. Then you start to pay the real price, and you are bound in a contract.



We do not believe in making customers commit to 12, 18 or even 24 month contracts like most other service providers.

Fast Connection

fast connection

We believe that our customers should be free to enjoy the Internet without worrying about bandwidth restrictions. Unlike most other service operators we don’t impose any usage caps or download limits and we don’t slow you down at peak times.